Peace through technology

Ananas is building a Living Text Initiative, an online encyclopedia that allows every community to map and make accessible their own beliefs to counter today's age of misinformation. 


Living Quran coming soon

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About Ananas


At Ananas, we are building a community and an interactive platform that provides insight into ideologies, the beliefs that make us who we are. We provide easy to use tools that can be used to better understand the related texts.

We are doing this because the information age is threatening to fall into an age of misinformation. Fake news and alternative facts seem more popular than peace and truth. A new era of understanding is required.


Objective Subjectivity

Subjective doesn’t have to mean unreliable. We ensure that knowledge is reliable, authoritative, & up to date

Flexible collaboration

Collate different pieces, create richer structure by annotations & contribute your own work and insight in different ways

Free knowledge

Safeguarding our knowledge is everyone’s responsibility, this will be free to access for everyone. No ads. No barriers.

Token ecosystem

Our unique ecosystem protects against bad influences, and aligns goals through an incentive system

Earn rewards

You need anacoins to participate in the governing and collaboration, but good work will earn you more than you start with

Decentralized and autonomous

We don’t own your data, nor decide everything. Ananas empowers people and communities to do good in their own way.

Our mission is made possible by blockchain technology


The Ananas Vision


With the help of a growing community, we can create a valuable resource of knowledge, culture and subjectivity that makes a meaningful difference and builds world peace.


How Anacoins Work


By creating our own cryptocurrency, the Anacoin, we align the interests of different groups and reward members of the community and trusted contributors to the platform. 


The Ananas Ecosystem


Being built on the Ethereum blockchain, the ecosystem has three parts. 


The first is community which allows constructive dialogue and interaction between individuals of disparate groups. The second is the data platform where information will  be collated for verification allowing for Anacoin rewards. And the third are consumer facing apps which allow anyone in the world to access the information for free.   


Our team


Ananas is run by an inter-faith team from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. We all share a common aim to fight hate by building and supporting communities.

    ZEENA QURESHI- CEO and COFOUNDER  Zeena is CEO and co-founder of Ananas, which is using blockchain technology and behavioural science to combat rising ideological hatred and promote peace. She was previously co-founder of Bespecular, an app to help blind individuals navigate the world. Zeena  studied History of Art and Material Studies at UCL and Technology Entrepreneurship at Stanford. 

Zeena Qureshi


 EMAD MOSTAQUE - CIO & COFOUNDER  Emad is  co-CIO at Capricorn Fund Managers , a leading Emerging Markets hedge fund, with 12 years of experience as a hedge fund manager. He has an MA, BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from Oxford University with 17 years of experience in software development and the study of religion and ideology. Emad appears regularly in international press for his geopolitical strategy. 

Emad Mostaque



Our advisory board


Quadri Oshibotu

Product manager

Adam Rodman

Macro specialist

Dr. Myriam Francois

Writer, academic & journalist

Beryl Li Chavez

Blockchain expert


Dr. Amin Elkholy

AI expert and finance consultant


Jelle Herold

Information scientist and blockchain expert

Professor Tom Kosnik

Venture Partner & Adjunct Stanford Prof. Marketing Technology

Blake Goud

Finance & Investment Expert


Khurram Dara

Attorney and Author

Muddassar Ahmed

Community expert

Eman Aly

Communications strategist

Toni Lane Casserly

Blockchain expert


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Starts at 20:00


How you can help


Join us

Ananas is a multidisciplinary project, and welcome talents in business, creative design, technology, academia, research, and mathematics. For more details get in touch via information [ at ]


As a nonprofit, The Ananas Foundation relies on charitable donations and community engagement.
You can support us through Paypal by donation below . Support and contributions of any size are appreciated.


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