Our team


Ananas is run by an inter-faith team from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. We all share a common aim to fight hate by building and supporting communities.

    ZEENA QURESHI- CEO and COFOUNDER  Zeena is CEO and co-founder of Ananas, which is using blockchain technology and behavioural science to combat rising ideological hatred and promote peace. She was previously co-founder of Bespecular, an app to help blind individuals navigate the world. Zeena  studied History of Art and Material Studies at UCL and Technology Entrepreneurship at Stanford. 

Zeena Qureshi


 EMAD MOSTAQUE - CIO & COFOUNDER  Emad is  co-CIO at Capricorn Fund Managers , a leading Emerging Markets hedge fund, with 12 years of experience as a hedge fund manager. He has an MA, BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from Oxford University with 17 years of experience in software development and the study of religion and ideology. Emad appears regularly in international press for his geopolitical strategy. 

Emad Mostaque


 GURPREET SOHAL- CTO  Gurpreet has over a decade of experience in software development, including Deloitte Digital and, most recently, as interim-CTO at Appy Parking. Gurpreet is proficient across a range of languages including Solidity, ASP.NET 4.5, MVC6, C# 6, ReactiveX, ELK,  Redis,, Angular, XHTML, JavaScript, and more. 

Gurpreet Sohal


 HEREMAIA DURIE- CMO  Heremaia was previously an account executive at Suncorp Group, the leading provider of general insurance, banking, life insurance and wealth management in Australia and New Zealand. He studied Management at Latrobe University Australia and entrepreneurship in Jönköping International Business School in Sweden. 

Bjørn Ihler


 LEON BECK- DIGITAL MARKETER  With over 7 years’ experience in search. Leon has managed large scale multi-million pound digital accounts across a wide range of verticals such as Entertainment, Travel, Mobile, FMCG, Finance and Health & Beauty. This has enabled him to create effective paid search strategies at national and global level with an aim to raise online brand awareness and sales whilst maintaining good account efficiencies across all search metrics. During this time, Leon recognises how vital integrated marketing is by striving to create the near-perfect mash-up of online and above-the-line media by using various reporting/analytics software to report findings to senior figures in business

Raza Pirbhai

Operations Manager

 MARCO LIN- STRATEGY AND OPERATIONS  Marco is a UCL graduate in Cognitive Neuroscience, holds a degree in Psychology, and is passionately driven to giving human subjectivity a firm place in society. He uses his psychological and neuroscientific expertise and broad knowledge to guide Ananas' content, strategy, and technological development.

Marco Lin



Our advisory board


Quadri Oshibotu

Product manager

Adam Rodman

Macro specialist

Dr. Myriam Francois

Writer, academic & journalist

Beryl Li Chavez

Blockchain expert


Dr. Amin Elkholy

AI expert and finance consultant

Mudassar Ahmed

Communications expert


Professor Tom Kosnik

Venture Partner & Adjunct Stanford Prof. Marketing Technology

Blake Goud

Finance & Investment Expert


Jelle Herold

Information scientist and blockchain expert