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Peace through technology


Mapping global knowledge and making it accessible through Ethereum


A taste of Ananas


The Ananas Foundation is a registered charity based in London. We help people from all over the world develop balanced beliefs through constructive dialogue with others. We are promoting peace and fighting hate through understanding and cooperation.


Our platform builds and supports communities by creating authoritative resources around which they can gather.

Our aim for the future is to make accurate digital texts accessible to everyone.


Step 1


Collecting all existing digital and real world resources and attaching them to a framework text

Step 2

Gap Analysis

 Figuring out which parts don’t come together and need to be filled

Step 3


Commissioning new resources to be created to fill these gaps


Step 4

Quality Analysis

Checking the quality of individual components to see where they could be improved and ordering them

Step 5


Improving the quality of selected resources in a guided manner

Step 6

Dynamic Content

Result: Comprehensive, authoritative, and up to date knowledge, free for all.

How it works


At Ananas, we are building a community and an interactive platform that models the ontologies of ideologies, providing easy to use tools that can be used to better understand these texts.

We are doing this because the information age is threatening to fall into an age of misinformation. Fake news and alternative facts seem more popular than peace and truth. A new era of understanding is required.


Objective Subjectivity

Subjective doesn’t have to mean unreliable. We ensures that knowledge is reliable, authoritative, & up to date

Flexible collaboration

Collate different pieces, create richer structure by annotations & contribute your own work and insight in different ways.

Free knowledge

Safeguarding our knowledge is everyone’s responsibility, but there will be free to access for everyone. No ads. No barriers.

Token ecosystem

Our unique ecosystem protects against bad influences, and aligns goals through an incentive system

Earn rewards

You need anacoins to participate in the governing and collaboration, but good work will earn you more than you start with

Decentralized and autonomous

We don’t own your data, nor decide everything. Ananas empowers people and communities to do good in their own way.

Our mission is made possible by blockchain technology

By creating our own currency, Anacoins, we align the interests of different groups and reward members of the community and trusted contributors to the platform. With the help of a growing community, we can create a valuable resource of knowledge, culture and subjectivity that makes a meaningful difference and build world peace. Join us on our mission to promote peace and understanding through the power of technology.


Our team


Ananas is run by an inter-faith team from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. We all share a common aim to fight hate by building and supporting communities.

  ZEENA QURESHI- CEO and COFOUNDER Zeena is CEO and co-founder of Ananas, which is using blockchain technology and behavioural science to combat rising ideological hatred and promote peace. She was previously co-founder of Bespecular, an app to help blind individuals navigate the world. Zeena  studied History of Art and Material Studies at UCL and Technology Entrepreneurship at Stanford. 

Zeena Qureshi


EMAD MOSTAQUE - CIO & COFOUNDER Emad is co-CIO at Capricorn Fund Managers, a leading Emerging Markets hedge fund, with 12 years of experience as a hedge fund manager. He has an MA, BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from Oxford University with 17 years of experience in software development and the study of religion and ideology. Emad appears regularly in international press for his geopolitical strategy. 

Emad Mostaque


GURPREET SOHAL- CTO Gurpreet has over a decade of experience in software development, including Deloitte Digital and, most recently, as interim-CTO at Appy Parking. Gurpreet is proficient across a range of languages including Solidity, ASP.NET 4.5, MVC6, C# 6, ReactiveX, ELK,  Redis,, Angular, XHTML, JavaScript, and more. 

Gurpreet Sohal


HEREMAIA DURIE- CMO Heremaia was previously an account executive at Suncorp Group, the leading provider of general insurance, banking, life insurance and wealth management in Australia and New Zealand. He studied Management at Latrobe University Australia and entrepreneurship in Jönköping International Business School in Sweden. 

Heremaia Durie


LEON BECK- DIGITAL MARKETER With over 7 years’ experience in search. Leon has managed large scale multi-million pound digital accounts across a wide range of verticals such as Entertainment, Travel, Mobile, FMCG, Finance and Health & Beauty. This has enabled him to create effective paid search strategies at national and global level with an aim to raise online brand awareness and sales whilst maintaining good account efficiencies across all search metrics. During this time, Leon recognises how vital integrated marketing is by striving to create the near-perfect mash-up of online and above-the-line media by using various reporting/analytics software to report findings to senior figures in business

Leon Beck

Digital Marketer

MARCO LIN- STRATEGY AND OPERATIONS Marco is a UCL graduate in Cognitive Neuroscience, holds a degree in Psychology, and is passionately driven to giving human subjectivity a firm place in society. He uses his psychological and neuroscientific expertise and broad knowledge to guide Ananas' content, strategy, and technological development.

Marco Lin


IAIN LITTLE - CHAIRMAN Iain is a director at European Wealth (Switzerland) based in Zurich, whose predecessor, P&C, he co-founded in 2000. Iain was previously the Director of Edinburgh Fund Managers’ European investment business and before that ran the UK private client business of Pictet Private Bank. 

Iain Little 



Our advisory board

Quadri Oshibotu has helped create products which are used by millions and recognized by notable press. He currently works at Connected Lab, a product development agency that works with the world’s most ambitious brands. And previously played a key role at the Shopify-acquired Tiny Hearts as Product Manager & Director of Operations. Helping drive the development of the initial prototype he is excited to bring it to a wider audience.

Quadri Oshibotu

Product manager

Adam Rodman is the Founder and Portfolio Manager of Segra Capital Management, a manager of hedge funds based in Dallas, TX U.S.ASegra’s flagship fund employs a global thematic investment approach and is heavily focused on the emerging and underfollowed markets.  Prior to founding Segra, Mr. Rodman was a partner and senior investment analyst at Corriente Advisors, where he was instrumental in the development of the firm's China-related research and trading.   Mr. Rodman began his career at Bank of America in the Global Corporate and Investment Banking Division after graduating with a B.A in Political Science, cum laude, from Amherst College. 

Adam Rodman

Macro specialist

Dr Myriam Francois is a writer, broadcaster and academic with a focus on current affairs, the Middle East, Islam and France. She currently works as an international news correspondent for TRT world, a global news network. She is also a regular contributor to the New Statesman’s rolling politics blog, “The Staggers”, as well as the Telegraph and Middle East Eye. Her writing has been featured in the Guardian, CNN, the New Arab, Jadaliyya, ABC, etc. Myriam is a Research Associate at the Centre of Islamic Studies (CIS) at SOAS University, where her research focuses on British Muslim integration issues. She is also a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Global Policy (CGP) think tank.

Dr. Myriam Francois

Writer, academic & journalist

Beryl Li Chavez  is the founder and CEO of CapchainX, previously she was an Entrepreneur In Residence at Coins.ph, a leading blockchain payments startup in Asia. Her experience includes FX Quants at Blackrock, London backtesting trading algorithms for consulting project with a team from Cambridge. She was Senior Consultant to DICT authoring the Philippine Roadmap for Digital Startups, a framework in building the local startup ecosystem. She was also involved in early stage tech investments while at SeedAsia Shanghai. Beryl holds a Master of Finance degree from Cambridge University where she sits as the 2017 President of the Cambridge University Cryptocurrency Society. She also attended Stanford University earning an International Management Certificate during the Summer Session.

Beryl Li Chavez

Blockchain expert

Amin Elkholy is a freelance consultant and entrepreneur. A software engineer by background he moved into finance in 1997 after a spell in AI research. His career in finance focused on asset management in the Middle East North Africa region witnessing several economic, political and market cycles, and mostly involved setting up new teams in various environments both in London and in Dubai. He grew up in Egypt, Russia and Kuwait and is fluent in both English and Arabic. He holds an MEng. and PhD from Imperial College London and an MBA from Manchester Business School.

Dr. Amin Elkholy

AI expert and finance consultant

Muddassar Ahmed is Managing Partner at Unitas Communications Ltd, a British strategic communications consultancy. He also founded the Concordia Forum – an annual leaders retreat. In addition, he’s President of the John Adams Society, the UK’s official US State Dept. IVLP Association. He’s a Director of the European Network of (US State Dept) American Alumni, the Institute of Rural Management & Faith’s Forum for London. He also recently completed a term as an Independent Advisor to the UK Government.

Mudassar Ahmed

Communications expert


Professor Tom Kosnik

Venture Partner & Adjunct Stanford Prof. Marketing Technology


Blake Goud

Finance & Investment Expert


Jelle Herold

Information scientist and blockchain expert



Proud to be a member of the Nvidia Inception Program!

Proud to be a member of the Nvidia Inception Program!

    Proud to be partner with Grakn Labs for building the Artificial Knowledge that will empower Ananas and its communities!



Proud to be partner with Grakn Labs for building the Artificial Knowledge that will empower Ananas and its communities!


Starts at 2:26:00

Starts at 2:26:00

Starts at 20:00

Starts at 20:00


How you can help


Join us

If you’re interested in lending a hand, we have work experience opportunities for motivated people who share our vision.

Ananas is a multidisciplinary project, and welcome talents in business, creative design, technology, academia, research, and mathematics.

For more details get in touch via
information [ at ] ananas.org.uk

If you are particularly interested in joining the platform, subscribe to our newsletter so you can be notified as soon as the platform becomes open for early access. Initially the platform will be exclusively invite-only and token holders.


We welcome everyone who dreams of a more cohesive, peaceful society.

As a nonprofit, The Ananas Foundation relies on charitable donations and community engagement. Support and contributions of any size are appreciated. Thank you.

Ethereum donation address: 0xd763ca81916D125Fd63c83D5A1E4cD0d25BB6c27



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